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Q.I have been having trouble using my shoulder, especially for any overhead activity. Lately, I have not been able to sleep on that side because of the pain. My doctor told me I had tendinitis/bursitis and gave me a shot of cortisone, which helped for a few weeks, but now it is back. What would therapy do for me?


Robert Baker, PT
Robert Baker,
Shoulder injections can help temporarily ease your discomfort, but they don’t do anything to change the underlying situation. Inflammation is only one part of the problem, and if the problem has lasted more than a month we now know that inflammation is no longer even there! Usually there is a mechanical problem causing a “pinching” (or impingement) of the tendons/bursa, so curing the problem should take into consideration the underlying causes.

Therefore, the problem must be addressed by:

  1. Decreasing inflammation, if present.
  2. Restoring normal range of motion.
  3. Restoring normal strength, and
  4. Normalizing mechanics of the head, neck, shoulder girdle, and thoracic spine.

Physical therapists are experts in biomechanical assessment. Let us help you fix your shoulder so you can return to using your arm normally. You should not have to live with pain.

Come in for a free consultation to see if physical therapy can help you. We are your best 1st choice.

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