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Q.I’ve had knee pains for years, it has recently gotten worse and my doctor told me I have osteoarthritis. He has given me injections and I take an anti-imflammatory, but that has only given me slight relief. Is there anything I can do short of joint replacement surgery? I would like to stay active, I’m only 56.


Paul Jozefczyk, PT
Paul Jozefczyk, PT
Injections and anti-inflammatory medication is a good start, but form many people just like you it isn’t enough. Joint replacement surgery is an amazing thing that provides significant lifestyle improvements, but there are things you can do to delay or prevent the need for surgery. Research has shown that certain exercises are safe and effective at reducing pain, improving mobility, reducing the need for medication and delaying the need for surgery. We know that by improving the strength and flexibility of your lower extremities you will feel better. Combining weight loss with exercise is a very effective approach.

Often people with arthritic joint pain think exercise would be harmful, but the research couldn’t be more convincing that movement is the best medicine.

Unfortunately many people don’t know how to exercise properly (even some so called fitness experts) and they end up hurting more and then give up on exercise – don’t make that mistake!

A physical therapist can teach you safe and effective exercises that when combined with a short course of hands on care will get back to enjoying you life.

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