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Lower Back Pain

Q.What should I do about my back? I hurt it 2 weeks ago doing some spring cleaning and everyone has a different suggestion as to what I should do. This is a new problem for me.


Matt Likins, PT, MPT, OCS
Matt Likins,
First the good news, most new episodes of lower back pain will go away on their own, no matter what you do. The bad news is that back problems come back 60% of the time within the next year. Almost all of us suffer from some degree of back pain at different times in our lives. We know that there are multiple reasons for this – heredity, fitness level, smoking, posture/movement habits, and flexibility to name a few. The healthier you keep yourself (and your back) the less likely you are to have back pain.

But now that you do, what should you do? As long as there are no signs of serious problems like loss of bowel/bladder control, fever, or unexplained weight loss, the recommendation is to take over the counter pain medication as needed and keep yourself as active as possible (the days of bed rest are long gone)! All day wearable heating pads (like Thermacare) have also been shown to reduce soreness and speed recovery.

If your pain does not pass on its own or if you just can’t keep moving, then a program of specific exercises and hands on treatment like that provided by a physical therapist can help speed your recovery as well as reduce the chances of a recurrence.

Please call us for any other questions you may have – helping people get moving and get their lives back is our reason for being here. Let us help.

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