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Groin Strains

Q.I suffered a ‘groin strain’ playing hockey. I tried stretching exercises, rest, anti-inflammatories, heat and ice; but I have been bothered by this for over a year. I was told to give up hockey, but frankly it bothers me in other sports as well. Any advice?


Dave Walters, PT, ATC
Dave Walters,
There are several different problems that cause pain in the groin or inner thigh. Most muscle pulls or strains should correct themselves in a matter of weeks doing what you tried. Persistent ones, however, may be the result of other biomechanical forces causing repeated strain. Research has shown that strengthening exercises are usually the missing ingredient leading to recurrent groin strains, so perhaps you are just missing an important element of the recovery process. Also not to be overlooked is the fact that hard falls or collisions (common in your sport and many others) can result in joint dysfunction in your back or sacroiliac joint leading to the type of pain you are describing.

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