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Garden Time

Q.It’s gardening time, but I always seem to hurt something when I get started. Any suggestions?


Dave Walters, PT, ATC
Dave Walters,
I’d like some tomatoes please! Gardening aches and pains are very common, as many don’t treat gardening as the workout that it is; especially after a long winter of sitting around (not you, I know). Be sure to warm up for 5-10 minutes and perform some light stretches for your neck/shoulders/back before you start. Please use some common sense – don’t carry those large bags of fertilizer, soil or mulch without help or a wheelbarrow. Try not to bend over too much or kneel on both knees without some padding (or a small cart/bench). Take frequent breaks and change positions. Also don’t try to get everything done in one day – God willing we’ll have a few nice days to work with.

Sometimes activity aggravated those nagging problems we haven’t dealt with – maybe you should consult with a physical therapist to see what you can do help those old injuries!

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