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Foot Pain

Q.I have plantar fasciitis. New orthotics have helped some, but despite several trials of medication, injections, heat and ice treatments, I still have pain. It is worst when I first get up or if I have walked for a long time. Anything physical therapy could do?


Dave Walters, PT, ATC
Dave Walters,
Yes! Your plantar fascia (the dense connective tissue on the bottom of your foot) gets irritated for a variety of reasons, including improper foot wear, tight Achilles tendons, over-pronation, weak muscles of the leg and foot or loss of joint motion in one or more of the joints that make up the foot and ankle.

Many common treatments try to reduce the inflammation, which can provide temporary relief, but finding the underlying causes and devising a program to address those causes goes a long way toward solving the problem. A physical therapist has the biomechanical expertise to identify and correct what is causing the overuse and stress on the plantar fascia, allowing the tissue to heal.

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