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How to Choose the Best Therapist or Clinic

Q.OK, I’m convinced! I need to see a physical therapist. How do I choose the best therapist or clinic?


Matt Likins, PT, MPT, OCS
Matt Likins,
Realizing that a physical therapist can help you is the 1st step, but where to go? A proper fit is important, just like anything else. Many people choose by location, opting for convenience over anything else – I don’t recommend that approach. What you should do is call or stop in any office you are considering.

Will I work with my own physical therapist every visit, or will I be passed off to support staff? How experienced are your physical therapists? How many patients do your PTs see an hour? Are your PTs members of the American Physical Therapy Association?

These aren’t the only questions to ask, but they are a good start. I personally would recommend that you just call us to get the right answers (yes, very – 20 years average, 2, and yes). Make sure wherever you go that you receive expert care, respect, and personal attention. Anything less just isn’t physical therapy.

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