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Q.Why is it every time I shovel snow or do yard work I end up with a sore back. It usually gets better over time or with pain meds, but recently it has been lasting longer and longer. What am I doing wrong and what can I do to help?


Dave Walters, PT, ATC
Dave Walters,
There are many reasons that people end up with back pain. Some can be as involved as disc and nerve problems. Others may be a mechanical dysfunction of the joints. Pain can even be simply caused by overworking and straining muscles and their connective tissues. Most of the time back pain does resolve on its own, but if you don't address the underlying causes it tends to worsen with each episode.

Whatever the cause may be, research has shown that proper body mechanics when performing any activity will help reduce the occurrence of back pain. What are body mechanics? There's more to it then keeping your back straight or lifting with your legs. Physical therapists are experts on proper body mechanics and ergonomics. I would recommend that you see a Physical therapist to help you determine the source of your back pain and instruct you in the use of proper body mechanics. Physical therapists can also help you determine what your next step should be in taking care of your back pain.

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