Free Consultation with one of our Physical Therapists

Here is your chance to come in a talk with a highly experienced physical therapist and learn what options you have to regain your mobility or reduce your pain. We would be happy to discuss your situation and see if we can help you to achieve your health goals. If the physical therapist thinks you could benefit from treatment we will contact your physician or refer you to an appropriate local physician. If the physical therapist recommends a medical work up or examination we will provide appropriate recommendations as well.

"80% better. Very pleased with the work Bob did for me."

"I am certain if I had more time with Bob, I would be right at 100% better and Katie is very pleasant so I thank your staff very much."

"Thank you to everyone, very nice, helpful and a joy to come here 3 times a week for 3 weeks! Thank you again! Bob Rocks!"

"Enjoyed coming here."

"Bob was wonderful-took many steps to diagnose and came up with a very effective therapy."

"Easily accommodated my schedule."

"It was a pleasure to come here-if I ever need PT, I'll be back for sure."

"Great job, great experience."

"Very good facility, service and staff."

"Extremely satisfied-it was so thorough and helpful."

"Always helpful and friendly in every way."

Dear Paul and the entire staff at all the First Choice Offices - Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. It has been fun watching you folks grow your practices and I am truly glad my referrals helped make that all happen. You all are wonderful professionals who are very good at what you do and I and my patients are truly grateful for an extension of my work in getting people better. Till later.


Matt and Staff, your thoughtfulness made a difference, and put a smile in my heart.


Matt, Thanks for the special care, and getting me back to walking pretty normal on my leg again.


Thanks for being so friendly with always a nice smile.

Nanc and Toby

Matt, Just a kind word of thanks for everything that you've done for me. Thanks for everything. You have done for me. For all the "Help" you have given me for being such a big part of my life, in lifting my spirit and helping me professionally. I am glad God brought you into my life. You have been a wonderful blessing to me. GOD BLESS YOU and yours.


Paul, Your help was appreciated very much - You certainly have a specialtouch - sometimes painful, but necessary. That's you for giving me the tools to become well again.


Hey Matt, My dad is doing great. Using his walker and loving it! He is getting around with his walker, wheel chair and motorized bike. Oh I forgot his car - yeah he is driving, I hope the other drivers get out of his way! Thanks for everything you did for him.


Paul, Thank you and your staff very much for everything all of you did for me, without you I would be in the same mess. I'm doing much better now. Please give my regards to Peter and Matt. God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you!


Matt, I appreciate all your help in my course of therapy. You and your staff are very personable and professional. I will miss our thought provoking conversations.


Just a kind word of thanks for everything that you've done.


Matt, seems like being nice just comes naturally to you. Thank you for all your help in helping my arm. You and your staff made the "torture" of therapy enjoyable.


Paul and Staff, I can't begin to thank you for all the help...and laughs you've given me! You helped make a bad situation tolerable! The last 4 ½ years, I mean months have flown by! Thanks again.


Dear Kevin, Natalie, Cindy and Brian and whoever I missed! It's so nice when people like you do kind things - your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Thank you!


Dear Paul, Thank you for all you've done, for who you are. Thank you so very much!


Dear Matt, Thank you so much for all your help in getting me to feel better. My progress is moving along and I feel better as each day passes . You're the best! XO


Matt, Thank you for your note of wishing me well. Your exact words "I hope you are doing well" I am doing very well thanks to the Lord, You and my doctor. I am pain free and that is such a great feeling, once I get back from visiting my mom I took myself off all the medication. I did and will continue my exercises you taught me. Thank you for helping me get on the right track.

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