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Why physical therapy? "I want to get moving and feel better." This is the most common request we hear from our patients; The reality is, physical therapists are highly trained, highly trusted professionals who specialize in restoring movement and reducing pain.

Physical therapists provide evidenced-based treatment and education to help you return you to your daily activities following injury or can resolve an amazing number of aches or disabilities that are disrupting your life. A physical therapist not only helps to restore your normal movement, strength and function, but also will teach you how to prevent future injury so your problems don't return when you finish your care.

Why 1stChoice Physical Therapy? Because you are free to choose! And as of January 1, 2015, Michigan law no longer requires you to have a prescription for physical therapy treatment and services!

At 1st Choice Physical Therapy, we believe you deserve:

  • Fast relief
  • Personal attention from a highly skilled and experienced 
physical therapist EVERY visit - NO exceptions!
  • Knowledge to understand your treatment plan
  • Tools to prevent future injury
Convenient hours and locations

Featured Therapist

Dave Walters

Dave Walters, PT, ATC, Orthopedics / Sports / Spine / Manual Therapy / TMJ

"I'm a partner at 1st Choice because I want to work with my patients every visit to help them get better and get back to doing what they love (and need) to do."

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All physical therapy is not the same. If your treatment is not provided by a physical therapist, it is not physical therapy. You deserve the best. Why would you settle for less?

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