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Why physical therapy? “I want to get moving and feel better.” This is the most common request we hear from our patients; in fact the new slogan of the American Physical Therapy Association is “Move Forward with Physical Therapy.” The reality is, physical therapists are highly trained, highly trusted professionals who specialize in restoring movement and reducing pain. Physical therapists are experts at providing evidenced based treatment and education to resolve an amazing number of problems or disabilities that can interfere with your life. A physical therapist not only helps to restore your normal movement, strength and function, but also can teach you how to take care of yourself so your problems don’t return when you finish your care.

Why 1stChoice Physical Therapy? Because you are free to choose! All physical therapy is not the same. If your treatment is not provided by a physical therapist, it is not physical therapy. You deserve to work with your own physical therapist on every visit. You deserve treatment that is focused on you, each and every visit. You deserve a pleasant, friendly atmosphere where you feel comfortable and appreciated. You deserve the best. Why would you settle for less?

1stChoice Physical Therapy was founded in 2003 by our 3 founding partners who wanted to practice “the right way.” With over 50 years of combined experience, they knew the only way they could provide one on one personalized care was to start a new practice. Now, over 5,000 patients later, 1st Choice Physical Therapy is the clear choice for your rehabilitation needs – with all care delivered by our master physical therapists (who are also the owners!).

Please look around the site to learn more about us, then call us to set up your appointment!

Featured Therapist

Matt Likins

Julie Davis, PT

Julie Davis is in training with her family to run in the upcoming Detroit half marathon. They are doing it to raise funds for the Hope Water Project which helps dig wells for villages in Kenya. Last year their family raised over $5,000. Please help if you can by going the the link below.


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